Monday, March 31, 2014

Fodder Day 7

It's getting tall on the end that has the drain holes. Now I drain it pretty good and then sit it flat so that the back end can catch up :) Feels funny like astro turf. It's still awesome. Even the kids are noticing the growth every day. My third tray I soaked too long in water and it's not sprouting very quickly. I can't wait to feed this to the bunnies and chickens. They will demolish it in minutes :)

Very busy! We have a softball game this evening so I'm trying to get all my stuff done and dinner made before the game.

Lady (my goat) is due in 23 days. I can't wait!!!

Enjoy the day ya'll!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fodder Day 5

Wow! I'm super impressed with todays growth! Unfortunately it's only this wonderful on half the tray :/ The half that has the drain holes and WAS growing mold. I am keeping the trays flat today and hoping the other half will catch up, but isn't this cool :)

My little one had her first softball game last night. The weather was horrible I hid behind an umbrella trying to block the wind, it didn't help much but they won! This was the start of the season tournament play so once I got home and looked at the brackets I realized holy shiz they will be playing all day Saturday :/ Kudos, thanks, and much gratitude to my husband ♥ I am NOT a sports mom. I am a homesteader with a gazillion things to do. One of them is clean out the shed I told you guys about so I can empty my shed and make it into super coop. So today the hubs took the little one to all three of her games while I finished cleaning out the shed. The shed is ready to be moved, my Suburban is packed to the gills with keep sakes and other b.s., and my little ones team got 2nd in the tournament. I hate that I missed the games. My little one is the BEST player on her team and I'm not saying this because she's mine. The winning team even told her how great she was. I guess you can pick the team you want to play on which I think it would be crappy not to play with the girls you go to school with but the hubs thinks the winning team will try to get my child by next year. They are 8, lol!

After the shed was clean I came home and felt like I was gonna lose it. We have been so busy these last few days I haven't went to the store, cooked dinner, taken care of my critters the way I like, or cleaned house. I've actually ate McDonalds the last two days and normally I don't eat that crap twice a year. Anyways, even though I'm losing it tonight I'm going to get it together by tomorrow and get to the ding dang store and make cooking for my family a priority. We have games every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the next several weeks. I regret signing her up but she loves it. I just need to get it together, provide meals for my family and make it to the games. Okay rant over! Have a great weekend ya'll

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fodder Day 4

I forgot to take a pic yesterday, but here's today's growth. I'm also growing mold :/ After some research I realized my house is too hot so today I'm going to put a little fan on the pans and turn the heater down to 69* Hopefully the mold will stop. I only have three pans going since I haven't went to the Dollar Tree again. I also need a new rack it's still not very organized.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fodder Day 2

No picture it looks pretty much the same with a teeny tiny little sprout coming off the end. Started second tray and I still need more trays.

Getting my bee suit today and I might actually take a picture of myself looking like an astronaut stay tuned :)
Okay Sweetland farm I added a picture just for you :) You can barely see the teeniest tiniest little white sprouts coming out of the end. I'm glad you asked for this picture upon further inspection of this tray I noticed my drainage holes kind of suck and I had water standing in one end which was causing mold to already grow :/ I will make sure it gets drained good after each watering from now on and once this tray is harvested I will add more drain holes :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fodder Day 1

I finally got some barley seed, soaked it over night, drained it this morning and put it in a dollar store tray that I had drilled 1/8" holes in one side of. Put another tray under this one to catch the water run off and propped the end with no drain holes up with a flip flop :) My plan is to have eight trays going over the next eight days. I need five more trays from the dollar store and a couple of buckets for easier soaking and draining. Also need something to prop up the one side besides a flip flop. To have gotten this far is exciting. I will keep you posted. Hopefully I get it a little more organized by the end of the week :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Buzz

I've wanted to keep bee's for going on five years now. I always have an excuse/reason why I can't do it. This last week destiny had other plans. In one day the ball was rolling for this new adventure :) My woodworking neighbor is excited (almost too excited) about building me two hives. The same day I talked to him about doing that I found a free tour of a bee farm not far from my house. The guy that has this farm was Oklahoma's best beekeeper last year. Went on the tour yesterday he was a super cool dude and I learned a lot. I dreamt about bee's all night. Today the hubs is going to make me two swarm traps. This evening I will discuss in further detail the hive plans with the neighbor. At some point this week I'm going to get a suit, smoker, and some more frames. My hope is to be a beekeeper soon, I'm so excited :)

I still have a gazillion things to do on the homestead. Five roosters still need to make it into the freezer. I did get the barn mucked and aired out and ready for kidding (1 month left). I have my first two meat rabbits that need to be processed. I need to finish cleaning out a shed so I can move the crap out of my shed into the new shed and turn my old shed into a giant coop. I have 25 baby chicks and 15 more in the incubator add that to the thirty something bigs and that's a lot of chickens!!!! This week I must get some barley to start my fodder system. The chickens have been penned up for two weeks with no green stuff to eat so their egg yolks will start getting pale and that makes me sad. I've been gardening a little but need to do more. Can I get a clone of myself please. One that isn't sick with allergies :/

Happy Sunday ya'll! I will post pics of my swarm traps soon :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Why I stay home.......

So I run into Wal-Mart neighborhood market to grab some paper towels, vitamin E for the goat, and the oh so important coffee creamer. The cashier is telling the customer ahead of me how her daughter works at Whole Foods (Whole Foods is a very expensive health food store) Anyway she is telling the customer how her daughter got into an argument at WF with a customer who was wanting grass fed chicken. My cashier was like "how stupid chickens don't eat grass". So even though I'm ease dropping and not in the conversation I say "trust me they do" I get a look like who asked you and you don't know what your talking about. Then she tells the customer ahead of me. She should have asked for cage free chicken it's cows that are grass fed! Here I say again "chickens do eat grass". I don't think she cared to know the truth since she ignored me and then the customer ahead of me that mamma smarty pants was talking to looked at me and said "As much as they charge for the chicken, I hope they do eat grass" lol! What I got from that conversation is there is a young woman working at Whole Foods that is willing to argue with customers about something she has no clue about, I think she got her manners and brains from her mamma,  I'm glad I don't shop there and I should probably keep my mouth shut while ease dropping :)