Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's hot!!!

It's hot here in Oklahoma!!! Real hot! This is the temp in my chicken coop with a fan going! Yesterday morning I woke up and discovered my boy bunny dead from heat stroke, I had him for over a year, and I will miss him :'( The realization that I, the caretaker to these animals, kept my bunny in an unnatural environment and he passed away makes me feel horrible. I had put a frozen water bottle in his cage but it wasn't enough, if he was able to burrow he would still be alive. So once I had him buried I went crazy trying to cool down all of the animals, I have two fans going in the coop. Mrs. Squirty who I should call Mrs. Broody is sitting on eggs again and won't leave the nest. I couldn't bare losing her too, so fans will run all summer if they have to! The goats are in a pretty shady spot and I change their water 3 x's a day, so they should be fine. Normally I love summer but this is crazy, it's still June and it's 100+ everyday. On a happier note, I have been canning up a storm,  I have crocheted two cute mesh bags which is quite an event since I was stuck on dishrags, and I received a priceless treasure recently that I have been fiddling (hint hint) with that I am so proud to own and excited to learn. My house is still a pig sty, with three kids out of school and all the goings on with the animals, garden, canning, and my general dislike for my domestic duties. It might just stay a pit for awhile! Martha Stewart I am not!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Country wine

Just finished putting my mulberry wine in bottles. After racking it for the final time, I tasted it, and I was pleasantly suprised it's not bad. It will sit in my laundry room until Christmas. Everything gets better with age ;) so I am hoping to have a delicious wine to drink with Christmas dinner. Who knows maybe this will start a new tradition of shaking down a tree in spring and enjoying it's fermented fruits in winter!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Miss Lady

This is Lady, she is a few months older than Bub, we got her to keep him company so he wouldn't cry for me all the time and it worked! Lady was from a herd of 30 and now is in a herd of 2, so for the first few days she cried louder than Bub ever did, it was heart wrenching :(  All is settled now, we are in a routine and everyone is happy ☺ I spend hours with them while they browse, they are so sweet and she is Queen of the Mountain (rock) in our backyard!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

A few pictures ☺

Does anyone know what breed this little girl is?

These are the baby girls my neighbor gave us

Bub in the area where his pen will be

A peek at the peppers

Scarebooger in the garden ( more cute than scary)

Wildflowers on my hill. Two years of working this barren hill and planting hundreds of wildflower seeds has paid off ☺