Sunday, March 4, 2012


grape vine
The last few weeks have been busy. We planted some grape vines, built a chicken tractor and bought some meat birds. My seedlings are doing great. I repotted them this weekend I was going to make newspaper pots but realized I didn't have enough newspaper. (I have 132 plants) Its nuts and I don't know how this happened but I am going to share with family and friends. My chickens are keeping me busy. I thought Sunny was missing so my husband and I hunted for her for 30 min. I checked the coop and thought she wasn't there but when my husband looked she was on her roost and upon further inspection  I realize she was about to lay an egg from her roost! This explains all the broken eggs I thought were Winnies! I yelled to my husband that she has an egg coming out and he caught it! I guess she has been laying for a couple of weeks and we didn't know because all of her eggs have been broken. Which stinks because it was the biggest one we have gotten so far. Coop renovations are in our future. My favorite little hen Squirty has gone broody. I have been so worried about her she is so young and she is brooding over the faux egg in the nest. Today my mother in-law brought me two fertile eggs to put under her. So a new learning experience is on the home front. Stay tuned for updates on this new adventure. Hopefully all goes well.

meat birds

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