Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my blog friends!!!!! I love blogging because of you guys! I talk about some of you, like you live down the road LOL!!! I hope everyone has had a great day ☺


  1. That dessert looks delicious!!

    1. Thanks Beth, it's a pumpkin pie with ginger snap crust, made with pumpkins from my garden ☺ The seeds on top could have been toasted a little bit more, they had to be scraped off, but other than that it was good. The little pumpkin in the picture was the last pie pumpkin in my garden and the flowers are the last from the garden until spring ☺

  2. Looks like pumpkin seeds on that but I don't have my glasses. Happy thanksgiving to you, I managed not to eat too much. We are working on leftovers today.

  3. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!!
    I'm so glad your daughter is feeling better. There are terrible colds going around in my neck of the woods too, I'm thankful we have not been hit.
    Your puppy is cute too!