Saturday, November 10, 2012

Puppy Update

I took one of the puppies back to my dad's house. It was the runt of the litter and I didn't feel like it was thriving on formula. They are letting the mama dog nurse the pups twice a day and supplementing the rest of the time ( thanks to the homestead lady's advise, she's been eating cottage cheese and tums) and the pups they have are BIG, mama's milk is the best for sure!!! I kept the little pup I will keep as my own. She is still smaller than my dads pups since she's only getting puppy formula. I'm going to mix her up new formula that's goats milk, yogurt, egg yolk, and syrup. I'm hoping this mix will be good for her! She is eating, peeing, and pooping great so hopefully this new formula will make her want to eat more and put on more weight. She's a little doll and I can tell she's going to be ROTTEN!

I got a suprise gift today, one I have wanted for years! It was quite a suprise and I'm still in shock! But I now own a Kitchenaid stand mixer!!!!!! Let the baking begin!!!!!!

On a crappy note, my youngest has been sick for over a week and only went to school Monday. A trip to the doctor on Thursday and we found out she has bacterial pneumonia :( We haven't really left the house except a quick trip to my dads today which she was ready to come back home and take a nap. It's scary when your kids are sick especially when you don't realize how seriously sick they are. I love this kid soo much, she's a hoot, and will grow up to be a very special lady for sure. Wednesday I couldn't wait for her to go to school and now I'm just happy she can breathe. I have a bit of cabin fever being cooped up with a sick child and baby pup but I am glad just to be here with them ☺

My next post will be number 100! I can't believe it! I will have my FIRST EVER give away, it will be a homemade something or other so get ready, it will be fun!!!!


  1. So glad the puppies are doing well! Just keep an eye on mama and keep supplimenting and she should do fine..You can also give her milk...we would also fry or scramble eggs for our mama dog..she was spoiled rotten during her nursing

    Hope your daughter gets to feeling better soon...I will keep her in my prayers...

    Congrats on your 100th post!

    Take care!

  2. I do hope your daughter is on the mend! And that your puppy does well on the new formula!

  3. Kitchen aids are amazing! I will cry when mine dies!
    And congrats on the upcoming 100 posts!!