Sunday, November 24, 2013


For some reason I can't comment on your posts! I've tried a gazillion times. I can comment on others posts just not yours it's driving me nuts! So I'm going to do a post to say what I keep trying to say to you, hopefully you read it :)
Glad your back, I missed you. I hope you, Papa, and the Marine are all doing well ☺
Tom looks like he will be YUMMY! I remember last year you made the coolest hats with the feathers.
Wow!!!! Your new barn is AWESOME!!!!
I'm going to be reading all your bee posts. I'm diving into beekeeping finally. I can't wait!!!!!
Have a very, very Happy Thanksgiving!

The homestead today is FREEZING! We are supposed to have a high of 32* with wintery precipitation this evening. I still haven't uncovered the garden from last night, I will uncover it until sun down and then cover it back up. I'm going to get some housework done and hopefully makes soap since it's too cold to be outside. It seems like I'm out there a lot when it's this cold to make sure waters aren't frozen. I HATE WINTER!!!!

Rifle season started yesterday......My game camera has shown me no deer activity lately just raccoons and coyotes. I think my big buck, mamma and the twins may be in somebody's freezer or hiding. The hubs is hunting again today, I hope he gets one so he can be done with it. I know, that's horrible. I just got used to seeing those cute little faces every day on the SD card and I miss my husbands company.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Kelly... I don't know why you can't comment unless I have done something stupid and stopped some comments. When I get a chance today I will look into the settings and see. Thank you for your post and all of your sweet comments. I have missed you and all of our anxious moments over the birth of your first baby goat! Hope your hubby is back soon with some fresh venison....Yummy!
    Hugs to you and yours!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. I was a lunatic last year waiting on that baby lol!!!!
      No deer yet, he might go back out later :/

  2. Kelly,

    My blogger wasn't working correctly because my internet provider had upgraded automatically my internet explorer to a new version. Hubby had to go in and down load a version of firefox in order to get my computer to work properly and display blogger. Check and see if your internet explorer was automatically updated without you knowing.

    1. I have commented on other blogs but every time I would try on hers it wouldn't work. I will see if I have any updates, thanks for the info ☺

  3. We are getting the same cold wave here, out power went out for over 4 hours today but is on again for the night I hope. I never use IE but I would think it was some other security setting having to do with java as a lot of stuff you click on has to run that. I would make sure you have the latest java release, they will tell you if you goggle on it and go to their site.

    1. Glad you got your power back on ☺
      I will look into the java stuff. You are really computer savvy and I'm not so thanks for the info ☺