Monday, December 2, 2013

It worked!!!!

I have three dead mice in the bucket!!!!!! The hubs told me to have fun getting them out. Ha! I'm just going to take the bucket to the woods and feed the owls!!!!!!!


  1. That's amazing! Ours are too smart for regular traps.

  2. I think I saw your trap on one of the few episodes of Doomsday Castle that I watched with grandson (couldn't take that whiny oldest son) . Glad it worked. We put One Bite out under the pallets in the barns where the critters can't get to it. We mostly have those huge wharf rats or fruit rats (what ever they are called) I would have to have a barrel to make a trap like yours for these big things. ...hahahah Haven't seen any here in over a year. I hope they enjoyed their last bite.

  3. Feed them to the chickens. Nasty little varmints.