Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh my word!!!

This last weekend we fed our neighbors koi fish while they were on vacation. So to repay us they brought us two pullets! HA! I guess we are the kind of people that appreciate livestock as presents lol!!! Chicken count 19!!!!
And now for the latest chicken news....................................................
The meat birds are driving me absolutely nuts! They have demolished one raised bed, half of another one, and knocked over my dill I had planted in a container! Out of seven, five are roosters and FYI they mature very quickly so they started crowing at 10 weeks old! The last few days they have started attempting to have their way with my big girls. That is really freaking out my little one. I was trying to wait until the first weekend in June to send them to freezer camp but it looks like we will be busy this weekend!!!
Our little goat stood in the coop the other day and freaked out my big girls. In the maylay Squirty ripped off half her comb. We had to perform a combectomy because it was flopping around and bugging her. So now she looks like a unicorn with one little nub on top. On the upside she had to spend the night away from the flock (because of the blood) so she is no longer broody.
Thelma and Louise are both crowing this week. They are now called Freckle and Speckle.
Still waiting for my Rhode Island Reds to crow and when they do they will be going bye bye.
My two buff orpingtons are starting to mingle with the bigs.
And my new little chicks are just adorable. I will post pics soon because I need help figuring out their breed.
In other news.................................................................
Our little goat has won my heart these last few days. He is a handful but he is the sweetest little guy and super fun to watch.
I have tons of big green tomatoes in the garden, can't wait until they are ripe.  JUICY, DELICIOUS, REAL TOMATOES YUM!


  1. Ahahahaha!!!! Welcome to farm life!!! No really! We keep our meat birds penned in a chicken tractor and move it daily. Our laying hens are free and I have no flower gardens, and we put a hot fence around the garden to keep them and the sheep out! Sounds like you've been busy!
    BTW I hope to see some new PW recipes on here too!! Love her recipes!

    1. I have detered two assaults this morning. Today is the last free range day for these birds. They are evil! My big girls rarely get in my raised beds. They have their favorite spots for dust baths. My garden is unfortunately the meat birds favorite spot to bathe. Last night we had PW's spicy Dr. Pepper pulled pork. It was a little too spicy for the girls, they prefer my bbq pulled pork but the hubs and I thought it was good for a change. I plan on making the brownies for my husbands company picnic. Have you tried them yet?

  2. Freckle and Speckle are awesome names. I'd be honored if you'd let me copy you when I buy my chickens. :)

    1. Copy away! Chickens are great! What breed or breeds of chicken are you going to get?