Thursday, August 30, 2012

Name change

Okay, so my roosters started out as Thelma and Louise. Then when they crowed they were called Freckle and Speckle. When they both got injured from the gigantic dog attack we called them Gimpy and Limpy. Now I think they have grown into their forever names. Drumroll please~~~~~~~~ The forever names of our roosters are Redneck and Larry! When we talk about them I always say is it the red neck or the green neck, so that's where Redneck got his name. And the other one is named after a family member. Nuff said ☺


  1. I couldn't name anything red neck, if I went out to call it, all the neighbors would come over to see what I wanted.

  2. Awesome for the post and the comment. Well played.

  3. Have Redneck and Larry been exhibiting any unstable personality traits from having their names changed so frequently? If so, we could all take up a collection to fund some therapy for them. ;o]

    1. Larry has been chasing my youngest daughter around! Maybe the name changes are aggravating them LOL!!!!