Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Now 13 babies☺

Aren't they cute!!! These babies are tiny. They are two of Miss Squirty's babes. She was a lavender cochin and the boys are partridge cochin so these little babies will be mottled (speckled) cochins! I'm in love with these babies, the one on the left hasn't even fluffed up yet but they are super cute! I will let you know the progress of the rest of the eggs.
Update~~~ Six wee ones in the brooder this morning three of them are Miss Squirty's ☺
Update #2~~~~ Thirteen of the fourteen wee ones in the brooder all six of Miss Squirty's are here and precious none are the color she was, which is good because I probally would have cried. One more egg to go, I wasn't sure about it since it came from my new layers, so I picked it up to candle it and it cheeped. If this little one comes out fine all 14 will have hatched 100% hatch rate again. High five to my boys in the yard, they are doing a good job ☺


  1. That is good news, glad that you will have a part of the flock. You should have a good bunch of chickens by spring. Good mama!

    1. Thanks it's up to 13 almost 14 right now!!! They are soo cute!!!