Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome ☺

I planted my fall garden just in time for another Oklahoma heat wave grrrr! So in addition to ALL of my normal chores, trying to plan this party, spruce up the house and yard, and protect the chickens from wild dogs. I have to double water and cover my new plants :p If they survive the next few days I will have quite the garden going! I planted romaine lettuce, brussel sprouts, broccoli, collard greens, carrots, potatoes, bunching onions, more cucumbers, and beets ☺ I got my kitchen painted and we bought a new dining room light. I can't quit staring into my incubator, I think I'm going to die from anticipation. I will post pics as soon as they hatch (fingers crossed). Now to the point of this post, I would like to welcome my newest followers Russell1200 @ http://reflexionesfinales.blogspot.com/ his blog is full of the latest goings on in the country you should check it out! And K @ http://planningandforesight.blogspot.com/ his blog has alot of helpful advise on prepping, witty guy you should check out his blog for sure! Thank you both for following ☺ Have a great week everyone!


  1. Thank you for the mention.

    I switched from collard to beets as my family likes the taste of the greens better. They also seem to be less bothered by pests.

    1. I have never grown either, so this is new to me. Last fall I did swiss chard and kale. I really liked the kale. And I finally figured out the best way to cook the swiss chard at the end of the harvest, but until that point it was just a pretty plant taking up a raised bed!

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome. It's much appreciated.