Tuesday, September 25, 2012

News from the Homestead

 Haven't had anymore incidents yet, I spend alot of time staring into the woods and throwing rocks. The hubs seems to think it's a Thursday thing and the chickens need to stay cooped up that day. Found a plethora of information on the Oklahoma Fish and Wildlife page about coyotes so we are learning alot about their behavior, also we are borrowing a coyote call, and with the full moon this weekend I am in hopes we catch the chicken killer!!! The babies are almost three weeks and starting to feather up, the hubs thinks they are ugly, I think they are little dolls I take them outside everyday to play in my raised bed area that is fenced with chicken wire to keep them safe from the big chickens. I need to set up a new play pen so they don't gobble up my garden. My eggs are due Thursday, I'm excited but nervous that's alot of chickens!!!!  In the garden, I lost 1/3 of my fall plantings due to excessive heat. Suprise, suprise welcome to Oklahoma!!! I am going to fill in the gaps with onions, lettuce, and carrots ☺ Enjoy the day


  1. Your baby chick is adorable. I hope you end up getting lots of eggs and catch the mean old coyote.