Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chicken ER Update

After dinner we got Ms. Honey down from her roost, brought her into my husbands shop, he was suprised at how big the lump was. I had put warm water and a little olive oil into a little kids medicine syringe. Now to get the bird to open her mouth I held her nose holes for a second and she would pop her mouth open to breathe. I put some of the warm water/oil in her mouth and then massaged downward nothing really moved. I did this about four times, the hubs smelled something foul and from my research it could only be the wet food stuck in her crop making that smell. We put her in a small cage in the shop with a heat lamp. She poo'ed it had bubbles in it which was weird. About thirty minutes later the hubs said put your boots on and come out here. Ms. Honey had layed a not quite formed egg in her little cage, I let her eat a little of the yolk and then cleaned it all up. This morning her crop is smaller but I'm still going to withhold food today and redo the warm water into her mouth tonight. Tomorrow I will offer her some yogurt, but until that thing gets really small I'm going to keep her locked up.
From this experience I would say if you ever have an egg bound hen warm water and olive oil will help the egg slide out!
Thanks for all the well wishes for my girl, I think she will be okay and JUGM the crop is a sack around the top of the breast that holds their food until it passes through and makes a turd. When you butcher a chicken you can open them up and see what they ate that day it's kinda interesting. My hen has hay or something in hers thats not passing so everything she eats is just building up in there. I guess if it doesn't get fixed they die from starvation even though they are still eating they don't get the nutrition because it's stuck.
Have a great day everyone, I have to clean this house and do some shopping for the big party this weekend ☺


  1. Although maybe not totally cured, your hen sounds like she's improving thanks to your care.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter this weekend!

  2. Poor hen. I hope it all works out.

  3. Interesting, I have never had that happen, I have one now that is an outcast, it is one of the older birds and has become the hated bird of the flock for some unknown reason. She will even stay outside the coop at night to be away from the other ones. Very strange.