Thursday, February 20, 2014

Homestead News

The wind is blowing like 100 miles and hour today! It's a leave your trashcan tipped over kinda day for sure! The temperature was 64* at 7 this morning!!!! Spring showed up this week and I'm tickled!
The five little bunnies that were born three weeks ago are growing like weeds! This little black one is so cute :) My last pregnant doe had six kits this morning. Baby bun total 13. Now I hope when the time comes we can put them in the freezer :/
The guinea pig babies have one more week before I try to sell them. Two of them have red eyes and are on the ugly side. All three are boys. I hope they sell. After they leave I will put Veeta back with Cheese and in two months we will have babies from a known daddy :)
My brussel sprouts made it (barely) through this Winter. Only 1/3 of the harvest was edible so I fed it to the piggies. I'm hoping the remaining sprouts will be enough to feed my family a time or two. I also got my entire compost bin emptied into this garden. It should improve the soil and hopefully my veggies will grow better.
I'm incubating eggs. They are all due by March 2nd. The light brown ones are the ones my hens started. I took them from them and gave them some Maran eggs instead. Sneaky I know but I'm only keeping the Maran and Olive eggers and those little mutts in the brown eggs will be sold for $1/chick. I already have someone waiting so hopefully this is a good hatch :)

The little one has an ortho appointment today. We have known for awhile she was going to need braces. Her mouth is like a traffic jam and now she has shark teeth!

And for the best news.........THE HUBS IS BACK TO WORK!!!!!

Hope ya'll have a great day!!!!!


  1. Never a dull moment on the homestead, huh? Of course, having little ones at home adds to the hubbub of it all. (Ha! Both human AND animal type!) Can you actually be into spring time already? I mean for real? We're sitting here waiting for the latest snow storm to dump a predicted 14" on us! Spring time? Nope. Not by a long shot. ;o)

    1. Never dull and always busy!!!!!
      I don't think it's official and I'm not packing away the Winter wear but it has been nice outside for a week straight!
      Sorry about your weather, Spring will find you, eventually ;)

  2. Glad your husband is back to work, I think about him every time I walk past the saw. We are cloudy and above freezing today with lots of mud but the water has stopped running through the pasture.
    You are getting an early start on chickens this year, we were given a rooster to replace the old one that died but he is the first one that we have had that attacks people. He doesn't jump me as we got things straight right away and he limped for a week but he still jumps my daughter. Who by the way had braces and followed all instructions on not chewing gum etc. and she actually got them off early because not following instructions really prolongs the ordeal. Spring is less than a month off!!

  3. So glad hubs has mended well enough to go back to work. Haven't had GP's in the house since the kids were little or was it hamsters? Don't remember now. I drool over the bunnies every time I go to the feed store. I just tell more animals, no more animals. Besides...they stay cute. not like chickens and turkeys who grow up quiet ugly...hahahahaha. don't mind at all chopping those heads off. If I ever get a goat butchered I am going to have to load it up and take it to the slaughterhouse myself. Papa Bear has about 30 pets now and I have 12 pregnant does. sheesh.

  4. I am glad that things are looking better for you all!

  5. Good for hubby getting back to work! And for baby bunnies. And even those guinea pigs.....never knew that there was a real guinea pig market; maybe I'm missing out on the next big thing! :)
    We had a high of 77 degrees today, but also had 55 mph winds! Dead tree limbs falling everywhere, garbage cans in the next county over, pots for planting and 5-gallon water buckets all over the place. Of course, it's dropping to freezing tonight so I'll probably have to chop ice out of water buckets.

  6. Sounds like you have been very busy.

  7. Glad the bunnies are workin' for ya...Both my kiddos had braces...Not such a big deal, but the teeth get sore for a day or so after adjustment...Do you not have an auto egg turner? I love mine, I would totally forget to turn the eggs if I didn't...makes the hatching process so easy and less time consuming for me...Can't wait to see your babies...we have 17 in the 'bator' now gonna see how many we get hatched this go 'round...Glad hubby is back to work I am sure he glad to be all healed up as well...