Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cantaloupe is ready!


A raccoon had a nice treat last night :/ I'm leaving this one in hopes they will finish this meal and not start on another one. The leaves on this plant are hideous. We had aphids for the first time ever and I did nothing to kill them except wipe the leaves with my hand, spray them with water, and let the ladybugs do there thing. I'm surprised we even have a harvest.

Got my first ever Maran eggs yesterday!!!! The one on the right looks weird but I love it! My Maran hatch was dreadful and I ended up with what seemed like all roosters. I knew I had at least one hen, well I guess I have two. YEAH ME!!!!!


  1. I love those Maran eggs - it's so nice to have the variety of colors (and shapes...) Let's hope that dang raccoon doesn't feel the need to sample the rest - the melons look great!

  2. I hope the beasts stay out of your garden. I made jam with cantaloupe - a nice one to gift too.

  3. Wow, Kelly, I wonder if every egg that, that chicken lays will look like that . . . I think it is pretty cool, too. I've always been a fan of the unique:) I'm thinking that your raccoon will probably let all of his friends know about your yummy cantaloupes and they will have a party.
    Happy gardening!
    Connie :)

  4. Blasted raccoons! The layer of your weird egg doesn't quite have her egg shaping equipment figured out yet!