Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crazy chicken!

My chicken Honey/missing digit decided to go next door for the last couple of days. When I hiked up the dadgum hill to get her I hear her make the " I just layed an egg" noise. I guess she didn't want me to experience the joy of her first egg :p I had to work today so they were cooped up until about 2 and just like I thought there was three eggs in the nest! Oh well I am just glad she's finally laying!
The cold weather seemed to affect my Winnies egg laying she would lay every other day but Squirty kept on crankin' them out. Winnie is also just plopping them out anywhere she pleases so every other day I get a cracked one from her.
I started my seeds this weekend I will post pics soon and also show everyone the hideous dirt I am working with in my backyard. It is the reason I am so proud of anything that we grow. You would think we lived in Arizona!!!!
I just ordered my dulcimer today :) ( super excited about this!!!) So hopefully soon I will be playing some music in my backyard!
Happy Fat Tuesday!!!!

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