Friday, February 10, 2012

First Eggs!!!

I have had my chicken for 4 1/2 months. Every book I have read says they start laying between 5 and 7 months. I am going to say that because I take such wonderful care of my girls they have started laying early :) Two weeks ago when I went out to clean the coop and feed my birds I found some mystery goo in their house. After poking at it for a few seconds I realized it was a yolk! Weird! Of course I called my husband right away to share the good news, and then my six year old and I went to guessing which chicken did it. Whats funny is we thought my leghorn was the one and as of right now she is the only one not trying to lay. I did notice winnie's bottom looked puffy and bigger but it was when she pooped out the liner to the egg that we realized it was her! Yes I was watching her the exact moment she pooped out the liner as strange as that is. The next day she layed a little green egg :) They have gotten bigger since the first day and they are a darker green now. This weekend they are going to be scrambled!
The next chicken to act weird and sit on the nest was Honey, she has sat in the next box for long periods of time and so far nada! Three days ago my cute little cochin Squirty was running around griping all day doing laps around my feet and just acting like a spaz. I was worried about her (she is my baby), so I kept checking on her all day. That night we had the cutest little pink egg in the nest. I couldn't believe how stinkin' cute it is. She layed another one today it's the same size and just as cute as the first but without all the griping and drama :) 
This weekend is going to be really cold, I am curious to see how this affects all of the egg laying. I have harvested the rest of the brussel sprouts and tucked the veggie plants in for the night. I also brought in the rosemary, I would hate to see her go, she is soo good in our Sunday night pot roasts!!! Now I am going to finish the pink camo beanie I am crocheting for Bella. The hubby and I have a day off from parenting tomorrow, we are planning on going to antique stores hopefully I will find some treasure!!!!

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