Saturday, February 18, 2012

My temporary journey

Valentines day my mom called with news that her work needed temporary help. They had a major computer issue and needed a couple of data entry people to put some info in. I immediately said yes! I could set my hours to fit my daughters schedule and make some extra money to pay for the many wants I have! I haven't worked for the last six years and it would be great to contribute to the familys income even if its just a little bit :) I have a ton of interesting feelings on the subject of work. First the office dynamic. There are so many different personalities that have to all some how fit together to make it work, this makes me appreciate what my mom deals with on a daily basis. It isn't bad, its just intriguing. Second I am not as awesome as I thought I was. Sitting at a computer for five hours, looking up products you don't have a clue about, being distracted by the funny lady in the front, and making sure my wireless mouse is plugged in (this cracked me up after I did it). So far I am slow and slightly unproductive. I will be lucky not to be canned before my time is up! LOL!!! One thing that I will get out of this besides the money to pay for my wants is the appreciation of my stay at home job. I have taken it for granted, I put off alot because there is always tomorrow. I may not be very productive at my new job YET but I AM getting more done at home.

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