Monday, May 6, 2013


I am still sore but feeling alot better. The minute I lay my head down at night, I am out. The hubs says it takes about 2 minutes for me to start the chainsaw. What? I don't snore, okay maybe I do a little when I'm exhausted LOL!!!!
I am soo in love my doe. She is the best mommy to her baby ☺ I think I was trying to smother him so I totally opened up the barn cleaned out all the old hay and poo. Opened windows and am letting him run in the pen with his mom. He is bouncing all over the place now. I also milked Lady after he ate to see how much was left. Not much, seems like he was eating a little better this morning ☺
I don't know if I told you guys but I had a broody sitting on eggs. They hatched around the same time Lady was in labor. I moved them all to the ground as of yesterday I had two baby chicks. As if I need more :p The mama hen seems to be doing a pretty good job this time ☺Chicken Count ??????????
I have soo much to catch up on around here (like actually cooking something for the two legged people to eat), I probally won't post for awhile. I will read what you guys are up to and while I'm not posting I will take lots of pictures of all my precious babies ♥
Enjoy the week ya'll


  1. Homesteading is EXHAUSTING!
    Get back to taking care of the critters & humans, we'll be here....waiting for chick & kid pictures!

  2. Ya can't do it all! And the more we try, the more we wear ourselves down. As Carolyn the Wise said, get caught up on the really important stuff (family and homestead) and we'll be here when you're feeling okay about being back!