Thursday, May 2, 2013

♫♪♫Happy Birthday to Bub ♫♪♫

Today is Bubba's birthday! We got him when he was just 2 weeks old, so we've had that little fella for almost a year. I can't believe it! Where does the time go?

We went from sweating and getting sun tanned yesterday to jackets, hats, and gloves today. The weather is frigid, the heater is back on and the last I heard it could snow, ridiculous :/ And of course I got my garden all planted yesterday and tonight I will have to cover it, yeah me!

Mamma goat is still withholding child from me. It's becoming a joke! Literally, my youngest does an impersonation of me saying we can't go anywhere because Lady could birth. Grandpa peeked his head in the barn one day while we were trimming Bub's hooves and commented on how big "her" bag was getting. I guess Bub has it going on back there LOL! The hubs hopes she has it during the night so I miss it (EVIL) he might not survive this birthin'!!! I have also seen every goat video on the internet and don't care to see anymore, ever!!!
On the positive side the hubs finally agrees a kid is coming. The youngen thought Lady was in labor yesterday because she was acting weird. So either it's finally almost time or my goat crazies are contagious! Next year will be different better!!!!!!
I am checking on her every hour today. Her udder looks soo much bigger than yesterday and with this horrible weather and the fact that I would prefer her not to kid today she will probally do the exact opposite of what I want :/ Whatever, I'm just ready for the end and wouldn't it be neat if baby and baby daddy shared a birthday ☺

Enjoy the day ya'll!!!!!!


  1. I miss farms, animals, lucky girl you.

  2. Ugh! The title of your post had me thinking today was the NEW kid's day of birth!!

    Damn that goat of yours for making us ALL so anxious.

  3. Do you realize how many of us out here have been waiting for this mama goat to pop? You're probably right . . . she will wait for the worst possible weather and then decide it's TIME!

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope she goes soon when it warms back up!

  5. I thought your mama goat had her baby today based on your title. I bet with the next major barometric pressure change mama goat will deliver.

  6. Bubba looks exactly like one of the kids born here this year. Her name is Daphne.

  7. Happy birthday, cutie pie. Now we want some more (preferably girl) cutie pies!!!

  8. well??? Got your message on my blog about labor!!!

    We need UP TO THE MINUTE details & progress reports! :)