Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Buzz

I've wanted to keep bee's for going on five years now. I always have an excuse/reason why I can't do it. This last week destiny had other plans. In one day the ball was rolling for this new adventure :) My woodworking neighbor is excited (almost too excited) about building me two hives. The same day I talked to him about doing that I found a free tour of a bee farm not far from my house. The guy that has this farm was Oklahoma's best beekeeper last year. Went on the tour yesterday he was a super cool dude and I learned a lot. I dreamt about bee's all night. Today the hubs is going to make me two swarm traps. This evening I will discuss in further detail the hive plans with the neighbor. At some point this week I'm going to get a suit, smoker, and some more frames. My hope is to be a beekeeper soon, I'm so excited :)

I still have a gazillion things to do on the homestead. Five roosters still need to make it into the freezer. I did get the barn mucked and aired out and ready for kidding (1 month left). I have my first two meat rabbits that need to be processed. I need to finish cleaning out a shed so I can move the crap out of my shed into the new shed and turn my old shed into a giant coop. I have 25 baby chicks and 15 more in the incubator add that to the thirty something bigs and that's a lot of chickens!!!! This week I must get some barley to start my fodder system. The chickens have been penned up for two weeks with no green stuff to eat so their egg yolks will start getting pale and that makes me sad. I've been gardening a little but need to do more. Can I get a clone of myself please. One that isn't sick with allergies :/

Happy Sunday ya'll! I will post pics of my swarm traps soon :)


  1. Good golly, girl! There is just no stopping you. But isn't it great to finally be in a spot in your life and on your little homestead when you can pursue all these dreams you've had for so long? It's so much fun to "watch" and hear about all your endeavors. Keep the posts coming!

  2. If you have a bagger lawnmower, you can maybe find some grass that is growing and give that to them. I have grain growing in the garden so give them a hand full of that green grass.
    I need another me as well, too much to do this time of year.

  3. Kelly,

    I'm so excited for you with getting started on bee keeping.
    I can't wait to hear more about your bee keeping in the future.
    Enjoy................sending a clone of you to help you out, lol

  4. Good luck with the bees. I may have to try that again in a year or two.

  5. Have fun with the bees! You sure are busy with everything going on! Someday when winter decides to leave I'll have more to do too!

  6. Catching swarms is the best way to keep bees IMO. If you catch em ina trap you can reasonably sure they won't absconed on you too which is a big plus.