Thursday, July 19, 2012


one of the fans in coop
I haven't posted anything recently but I have been chugging along with my usual chores, driving kids to camp, and READING! Nothing beats a good book or two ;) in the summer!!! Well the books are done and it's back to work!!! The temperature here in Oklahoma is 104 and is expected to get higher by the weekend! UGGHH!!! I could no longer deal with the bunny fuzz and doo doo in the house so I moved them (yes them, I got a new baby boy and he's soo cute) back outside, just in time for this heat wave. I've had fans going in the chicken coop for my two broody hens for a few weeks now, and I have added a fan and mister to the rabbit hutch and a mister to the goat pen. In the nest box we had only one fertile egg and it got cracked yesterday (sad) so no baby chicks this time. We had to build a new nest box for the other layers, since the girls are hogging up the two boxes in the coop. We are also having a rooster issue. I think I posted it before but out of five straight run chicks I got five roosters (won't do that again). So out of those I only want to keep my two feather feet bantam roos, the other three we are either going to eat, sell, or try to barter them for something we want ☺ We are in the process of fencing ALL garden areas, the chickens are reaking havoc on my poor plants. The summer garden is half spent and I am now planning my fall garden. Cooler weather and rain wishes for everyone, enjoy this sultry day ☺
mister and fan for hutch
mister in goat pen

new nest box built out of old kitchen cabinet
two areas for laying ☺


  1. We have had more luck in mid spring and late summer for hatching chicks here in VA. I had a bunch of rooster once and the day I sold them, the egg production more than doubled, too much stress I guess. Our humidity and temperature is too high right now for beans to set fruit so we are in a slight bean shortage, I sell to vendors so there isn't too much complaining as they are happy to just get beans.

    1. I only have three laying hens right now and four pullets. Two of the hens are broody :P and the other one quit laying for a few weeks, I thought it might be from the roosters! One stays by her side all day poor girl! Maybe next time I will get some babies :) Sorry about your bean shortage :( Can you plant beans right now for the fall? I am going to try. My chickens demolished my raised bed twice and now I have put a fence up to keep them out. We will see how this turns out ☺

  2. 5Roos is a lot! We've only ever ordered hens only. Mostly b/c I don't want to have roos, but now have one...
    Been hot and humid here too, not 104, but still hot. Today was super nice though! Hope you get some rain and less humidity soon.

    1. We are going to put three in the freezer this weekend, the tension in my yard is too much with all these boys! It finally rained last night!!! It was so nice outside we all were running around in the yard while it was raining ☺ Todays temp is supposed to be 106*