Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chicken Chasing Update!

We only got one done tonight, but skinning it is the way to go especially if they aren't real big! It didn't take near the time it usually does. We took the breasts and legs, didn't even open the bird up and cremated the body. That part was the most stressful, because we are currently under a burn ban but we had it contained in our fire pit that was surrounded by cinder blocks next to the water hose, no biggie!!!! What's for dinner tomorrow BBQ chicken!!!


  1. Sounds hot! Good idea to keep them in, it's better then running all over the place to catch them. BBQ chicken is always good! But I don't like to eat chicken after spending the day killing them, your a better woman then I!

    1. The skinning was way less gross! We didn't take off the head or even open the body up! The only part we didn't take was the wings! I have read that a "true chicken farmer can eat chicken for dinner after slaughtering them" so my daughter and husband want to be "true chicken farmers, me not so much! I am generally not a big fan of meat. I eat very little when I do cook it!