Sunday, July 29, 2012


Just when all of your animals are getting along and doing fine DRAMA happens!!! I was with my girls at my neices birthday party yesterday when the hubs called... breathless... I knew instantly something was wrong, I kept telling myself don't cry, you have a farm things happen, be tough, don't cry, it's okay and so on. He finally told me two BIG dogs were in the yard he didn't know how many chickens were gone but he was sure one of my banty roosters was dead because the dogs wouldn't quit biting him. The hubs screamed at the dogs, threw rocks repeatedly, tried to kick at them they just wouldn't quit. Needless to say one of the dogs ran back to it's home the other didn't come out of the woods for awhile. By the time I got home I was a basket case worring about my chickens, the idiot owner of the evil dogs, my husband, and so on. To my relief all of my hens and pullets were safe! I could only find one of my bantam roosters and gently coaxed him out from his hiding place and saw the 3/4 in gash in his back :( They have so many feathers I couldn't really tell if he was hurt anywhere else, his back was missing most of it's feathers, the sight of it broke my heart. He was limping pretty bad but Im sure its from the gash on his back. The other rooster finally came out of the woods limping 10x's worse than the first. It took us awhile to calmly catch him to see his wounds. His back was also gashed up, gooey, and gross :( Since they were both bloody we seperated them in their rooster hut so they wouldn't hurt each other. We added a fan and a screen front door to their coop for the night but today we had to let them out they would have died in this heat it's 111* I'm glad they are alive but I am also really worried about their wounds, so far the other chickens haven't pecked at them. I am feverishly keeping the coop clean so the flys will go elsewhere! Fingers crossed the little guys pull through and heal from this. As for the dog, the owners became concerned when only one came home, in my opinion they should have been concerned when TWO LEFT!!! They walked the streets and the other dog came out from where it was hiding and they took it home. For people to be so careless with their animals makes me sick. I didn't want my chickens hurt and I wouldn't want to hurt their dogs, but if their dogs were in their yard none of this would have happened!!!!!!  Those people hadn't had a dog in two years because their last one, a pitbull, got shot. I feel sorry for the animals in such careless care, and shame on them for being that way!!!! I'm done ranting! Enjoy this sultry Sunday ☺


  1. Look at getting a spray bottle of "Vetericyn - Wound and Infection Care". Clean the wounds with water and a soft cloth, and spray this stuff on them three times a day if you can. It seriously works! It helps fend off infection, and helps aid the healing process ( Think Chicken Neosporene in a spray bottle ) This is what I used on one of my hens, and she pulled through like a champ. You have to be vigilant about it. I picked up my bottle at a Tractor Supply Co. Hopefully you have something like that close to you. It isn't cheap, but really does work. Also works on all sorts of animals. I've used it on my dogs and my horse.

    Sorry to hear that it was all caused by an owner's irresponsibility. I hope they at least apologized, or acknowledged that they messed up in some form. If not, I am really sorry. Hope that it never happens again, and that your two fellas pull through alright.

    Also thank you for your kind words. You and our fellow bloggers are really helping me get through this bad situation. - Jen.

    1. Thanks Jen for the info! We do have a tractor supply down the road, I will get over there today and pick some up ☺ The boys are feeling better today they are hopping around the yard on one leg chasing the ladies LOL, I think the ladies liked them better yesterday when they could barely move. I just knew they were going to die and even contemplated putting them out of their misery. EEk luckily I wasn't in a hurry to do that! I have renamed them Gimpy and Limpy!!! I think about you alot, it's funny even though I don't really know you, you are on my mind. The day before you posted the bad news I had just wondered what you were up to. My divorce from my kids dad was the scariest thing ever. I was lost for awhile but looking back it was the best time of my life, I was free!!! The first person I dated was/is my husband and I can't imagine life without him. So things will get better for you, I promise ☺