Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chasing Chickens!

Chasing chickens all over the yard in 100+++  weather, not fun! I think they know what's about to happen. Next time we will leave them in the coop and do this early in the morning. I just didn't want them hot, and now I'm hot!!! Because of the heat we are going to try and skin them, instead of plucking! Hopefully this all goes well :/


  1. I'd be tempted to shoot them in the head as they run by if it is that hot. Not a hot weather job for sure, what with flies and the nasty smell. Hope you get it finished quickly.

    1. Well, we only got one done and skinning it is way less disgusting! We only took the breasts and legs, didn't even open it up and cremated the body, that part was the most stressful cuz we have a burn ban right now

    2. Too hot to do much else, a bad enough job in the winter. Of course the big companies would have made chicken nuggets and cheap hot dogs out of all the stuff you cremated.