Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hunting eggs :/

The other day I posted about processing six roo's. That night we put three girls and the lucky boy in with the big girls. I have been letting them out earlier than normal because anyone with chickens knows that there is alot of butt kickin' going on until everyone finds their place in the flock. Well I didn't get eggs for almost a week! With one egg a day this is horrible, so the other day I was refilling the hay manger for the goats and in the bottom area that catches the dropped hay I found two eggs!!! One of my hens that I thought was molting is laying again, yippee, but in the hay manger! So now I started checking the hay manger daily for eggs, and they are there!!! The next day my little lucky roo was sounding the alarm, I went to see if the cat that's been sneaking around lately was beside the shop and nothing was there except a nest of four eggs from a different hen!!!! She went back to the same spot the next day and started screaming because I had taken her eggs LOL!!!! So now she has made a nest on top of the hay stack in the goat barn! Good grief!!! I know the big change in the flock has caused them to go wonky with their egg laying, I just don't know how to fix it! It's kinda fun hunting for eggs everyday except when you can't find them!!! Any suggestions on how to get them laying in the coop again?
The baby chicks have finally started putting themselves on the third level of the new coop each night. I do have to bribe them with scratch on level two and make sure the light is on all before 4:30 but hey whatever works. I will let them start free ranging next week if they keep up the good work ☺
Bella and I put lights on a small tree outside of the coop last night. It's the chickens Christmas tree ☺
Enjoy this beautiful day everyone!


  1. I think you are enjoying hunting for eggs. I hope the hens get settled down!

  2. I used to just mark a few eggs with a marker and leave them out in the hidden nest and take the fresh ones every day, they eventually figure it out somehow but it works for awhile.

  3. Mine do the same once in a while. I usually just lock them up in the coop for a week to reprogram their brains, and that works for me. Good luck!
    Cute pic there with the makers on it!!

  4. I hope this doesn't sound mean, but you might need to lock up your layers in your coop for about a week to break that habit. ( Or lock them up until they lay their egg for the day ) that is what we do with our girls in the barn if they decide to start laying somewhere in the yard ( or neighbors! ). Good luck! Egg hunting is fun though when it pays off and you find a nest of delicious treasure.