Sunday, December 2, 2012

What did snowball do today?

She made snowflakes out of napkins ☺
Snowball made snowflakes out of napkins
And yes my green, reuseable, friends, I am going to use cloth napkins. I hate wasting paper. I am faced with a little resistance here from the family but they don't do the shopping so I will win ☺

I also forgot a piece of yesterday's story. While the hubs was taking care of the bird, he had a shop light shining on him and into the woods. He was skinning away and heard a noise, when he looked up a fox was about 20 feet away staring at him and walking across the clearing to the other side of the woods. He was so shocked at how close it was he just stared at it, and he only had a knife on him so he wasn't prepared for this guy. Peeing around the yard is back on in full force. That is a chore I don't think he'll mind LOL!!!!


  1. LOL! That is quite a finish for your story!

  2. I found out that the rabbit hunters who were here on Friday killed a fox along with some rabbits so good riddance! He could put the skinning results in the live trap and maybe caught that fox if he still has the bait.

    1. I told him to leave some bits out there and see if it comes back. It was soo close to where our chickens run he didn't want it to get a taste. I think it would be super cool to kill a fox or coyote!!