Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blogger ?'s, last hours, and eggs ☺

I'm hoping my blogger savvy friends can help me out ☺ Two questions. 1st one~ Once you leave a comment on a fellow bloggers post is there a way to get a notification that they replyed without repeatedly going back to that post like a crazed stalker? 2nd question~I want to put my own pictures behind my blog header, what button do I push to do that? And one more ? Why can't I have spaces in my text anymore? WONKY BLOGGER!!!!!!!!! You still have about three hours to enter my most fabulous giveaway for an upcycled tote, so get your buns over to that post and comment!
Final thing, I got my beautiful dark chocolate eggs in the mail yesterday morning. What a treat when your dog sick! I asked for 12 and I got 15, Kristin is the sweetest ☺ I'm going to candle them in a couple of days and see what's going on if I can even see inside the eggs they are soo dark! I already had the incubator going with seven eggs they are due Valentines Day. They will be 1/2 New Hampshire Red, 1/4 Barnvelder, and 1/4 Cochin. INTERESTING mix if you ask me! I can't wait to see what these barnyard beauties grow up to look like!!!! Okay that's it, please help this blog dufus out ☺☺☺☺


  1. At the bottom of most posts there is a little button that says "subscribe by email". Clicking that will send you all the future comments on that post. Wordpress has a similar feature. Hope that helps.
    I can't wait to see how your eggs progress.

  2. When you are signed in to google look Out to the right hand side of your title. you should see a icon of a hammer and screwdriver crossed . click it and you will have the option of where to put the title ( behind , below or instead of pix.)

  3. or goto design and click lay out then to the right side of header click edit and you will get the same options.

  4. I hope your chickies all hatch!

  5. Kelly,

    I hope you're feeling better soon. Yes, it's wonderful when you receive a surprise in the mail when your not feeling well.
    David Cobb (above) has provided you with the same instructions I would have on modifying your header page.

  6. It is when I did the commenting as a pop up that the comment alert button came up. For a while, commenting was being very buggy on blogger, and the popup window seemed to be having the least amount of problems with the various security settings out there.