Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We finally got snow! I'm going to break out my snow boots today, they have been on vacation for awhile! Here's some pics of the chickens in the snow and the goats haven't left the barn since it started LOL!!!! I think the little chickens think the pallet will save them and the big girls will just stay in their nice dry coop ☺ After 24 hours and no progress from the last baby chick, I intervened this morning. I helped it from it's shell and boy I'm glad I did it was a big chickie! It seemed to be chilled so I watched it for what seemed like forever and decided to blow dry it. It's sleeping now and not shaking, so I hope it wasn't cold for too long. First time doing that and it wasn't fun, but the baby is okay ☺


  1. The snow looks pretty in the pics with the hens. I am glad the baby chick is OK.

  2. Oh my, please keep the snow there....I only like snow in pictures! LOL.

    I've noticed that I have 'stragglers' hatching if we have a big shift in the weather. I wonder if it's barometric pressure or something?

  3. You seem to have gotten alot more than we did...ours is already melted away, but I am ok with that...I am not a snow pics though!

  4. Kelly,

    You finally got snow! We had snow today, then rain, the temperatures have dropped dramatically. Tonight into tomorrow the weather people indicate bad thunderstorms with the potential of tornadoes. Hold on and be careful, you too Homestead Lady!!!