Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I have so many little chicks that last night I woke up yelling at the hubs that we were squishing the babies. I thought they were in the bed with us!!! That's when you have alot of chickens LOL! We are at chicken count 61! I'm going to keep the colorful ones, but most the the black chicks I will post for sale today. 

Also at some point last night or early this morning I remembered that back in December I thought my goat was in labor (remember I am new to this goat keeping thing). Since she ran with my buck which they won't do this year I'm not sure when or if she even got pregnant. Now thanks to my dream or memory resurfacing I realize that she was in heat. This new revelation has given me some much needed relief. Miss Lady isn't due until May!!!!! No more midnight checks for a few weeks and maybe I will get some sleep. I will eventually figure this goat stuff out, it's a learning experience and hopefully this time next year I won't be such a sleep deprived lunatic and I WILL HAVE A DUE DATE ☺

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  1. LOL...a bit obsessive are ya? LOL....We just bought 33 laying hens yesterday for re-selling I am up to well over 100 now...*sigh* but will not be keeping them all...

    Knowing when you goats are bred is always a good thing...your right...its all a learning curve...We all started out as newbies and learned by trial and error...even after years, there is always something to learn...now maybe you can rest and relax a bit...