Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

I hope all my blog friends had a blessed weekend ☺ We've spent the last two days with family. Its really nice to get together but I still prefer being at home. I might have to host one big Easter party next year so I don't have to leave the ole' homestead LOL! I have some stories to tell from this weekend but not today. What I do want to tell you all is that this is the FIRST EVER Easter that I didn't have to buy ANY eggs!!!!!! I hard boiled 25 eggs for the kiddos to dye. I made 12 more into deviled eggs. We had 9 with breakfast and I still have almost two dozen in the fridge ☺ I am blessed with eggs and wanted to brag share!

Remember all the hatchings that started around the full moon. Well I have 24 new babies!
CHICKEN COUNT 56!!!!!!!!


  1. It is just me here, but I boiled and dyed eight eggs. Since I have hens, I know the joy of not buying eggs, too. It's a good feeling!

  2. I know what is like to pay $1.89 for a dozen eggs so congrats on having so many eggs Kelly! :-)

  3. We are rolling in eggs right now, too, but it's a darn good feeling!

    With your chicken count of 56, you may NEVER be out of eggs again!

  4. All I have to say is I wish you with eggs were all closer. i love some good fresh farm eggs.. I use to buy them from a lady down the road, but I have lost her number and lost touch with her..
    The boys today saw baby chicks for sale and they want some so bad to raise. I told them it will have to wait a little bit longer

  5. Kelly,

    56 chickens, oh my!!!

    I can only imagine the amount of eggs you will have on hand weekly :-)