Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bunnies ☺

Today I finally moved Bun Bun and Lolly outside to their new hutch. Bun Bun was my first critter to get for my "farm". I have had Buns for a year, I got him as a pet for my youngest daughter and I use his poo for my garden. He has lived indoors in a three story condo. This Christmas I got Lolly. We reworked his condo so she could have the top floor. She didn't move in until she was about two months old and thats when my potty trained boy started peeing everywhere! It's been about three months now and their condo was pretty rank! Today was bitter sweet moving them outside. My house already feels a trillion times cleaner but on the down side I know my bunny babies aren't too thrilled with their new digs :( I am going to build them a bun run maybe when it's done they will start liking the great outdoors!!!!

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