Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pictures ☺

Meat birds free ranging, big garden in the background before adding topsoil and tilling again

my new babies
rabbit hutch almost done
meaties again free ranging

some of my raised beds with garlic, onions, carrots, lettuce, and tomatoes planted


  1. What kind of meat birds do you have?
    Are you going to raise rabbits to eat/sell for meat? Or just pets?
    Your raised bed gardens are lovely.

  2. The meat birds were called Red Broilers at the feed store. When I got home I looked up their breed and I think they are Freedom Rangers. Not sure but I do know they take a little longer to grow and don't have as many health issues as the Cornish X's. My first "farm" critter was a holland lop bunny. We have had him almost a year now. He lives inside right now. This Christmas I got a female so now my boy is peeing everywhere but in the potty box. So they are headed outside. I use their poo for fertilizer and I am going to breed them in a few months. Thank you for the kind comment on my garden beds ☺ I have two more bigger raised beds, one is new and needs some ammendments to the soil and the other is half planted with sweet peas, radishs, carrots, and lettuce. Next week I am going to start planting in my new big garden, I am excited to have room for more veggies!!!!