Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lucky Me!

This weekend a couple came over to buy car parts off my husband. I showed the lady around and introduced her to all of my chickens. When I said those are our meat birds she said "OH" like eewww , how sad. When they left I wondered if she has eaten chicken this week. It boggles my mind to think so many people are clueless as to where their food comes from. I think everyone should see the conditions of the birds used for their perfectly packaged chicken and eggs from the store. I bet my chickens would look alot tastier! So today I feel very lucky to clean up chicken poop and care for my flock,  knowing that my family will have wholesome food!!!!


  1. I agree! Scary to find out WHAT is put in the foods. I'm with you on that, I love knowing that my chickens are healthy and not full of junk, along with the other foods we eat!
    I've never heard of the meat birds you use. We have only ever raised Cornih X. I'll check it out.

  2. This is our first set of meat birds. These guys and girls have less brains than an average chicken. They drive me nuts! Hopefully they will be worth all this trouble!

  3. I have the same problem with my sister. Every time I talk about the broilers I'm buying soon, she acts like I'm some dictator responsible for vicious genocide. I tell her that, once the broilers have been "processed," she won't even be to tell the difference, except perhaps (hopefully) an increase in the quality of the meat.

    She says she doesn't think she could eat it. It doesn't make ANY sense to me. I tell her she eats chicken purchased at a store and that those chickens, at the least, led miserable lives. Somehow that doesn't matter to her.


    1. Have her you tube production chickens. The birds kept for eggs have it way worse than the meat birds but it's still horrible. So far I really like these little red guys and gals. I didn't talk to them and play with them like I do my other hens so they run from me :( And it's hard to put them up when I need to leave. Sometimes I just leave them out and pray they don't bug the neighbors or get eaten by predators while I am gone. Once your sister sees you didn't die from eating chicken you raised yourself maybe she will try it! Good luck!