Friday, April 27, 2012

Thelma & Louise

These birds are so ugly they are cute! They are Belgiam D'Uccle bantams. I spastically got them when Squirty went broody. I thought I could give her babies and she would snap out of it. WRONG so now I have these little guys. I think one or both may be boys, so a name change may be in their future :/  These babies follow me around the yard and every few minutes they decide to fight, they are silly!

As for the rest of the birds. Squirty has gone broody once again. I have got to get her a man!!! Winnie is still super jumpy and nervous since the fox and won't lay eggs. My three reds I bought from the feed store all look like boys :/ So I got two pullets to add to my egg laying flock. Chicken count as of right now 17. 

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