Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A suprise is coming...... + pics!!!!!!!!!!

The hubs is bringing me a new baby. Not sure if we are keeping it or not yet. Will post pics and details in about an hour after he gets home and we meet the little girl!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She's a feral pig. The hubs friend went hunting last weekend and killed the mama. She had three babies with her and gave us one. Still not sure if we are going to keep her. She had a windy trip in the back of the work truck and was upset when they got home, think Tazmanian Devil!!! I'm hoping she settles down ☺


  1. I know what it iiiiisssss, I know what it iiiiiiissssss!!!!

  2. I will be eager to find out what it is! :-)

  3. We raised a feral piglet a couple of years ago. He turned into a lovely Kalua pork about 5 months later. Hubs grew up in Hawaii and wanted to do a whole-hog luau.

    You need some goat milk for her. Goat milk will help her settle in and grow fast. Ours was never all that friendly, which suits me fine it makes them easier to butcher that way. Also, check her with a flashlight for lice or mites. Get a good livestock dust to sprinkle her and her pen with...most of those feral hogs have some sort of external parasites and if you get rid of them now it will save a lot of trouble later.

    Also, be sure to wash your hands well after handling her or her food pans. Wild hogs can carry brucellosis. Nothing to be paranoid about, but keep some hand sanitizer handy or just good handwashing.

    Good luck! Just for the record, I'm jealous! Those pigs make some mighty fine eating!

    1. Thank you for the advise. I have been feeding her goats milk mixed with rice baby cereal. She scarfs it down. We saw bugs on her so I'm going to get some dust today. She seemed to calm down a little last night and was crawling all over my husband. I think she will be his chore ☺

  4. Good, Good eatin' there...I am like queenacres, I don't make friends with my food...lol...when we have pigs, they are not pets, they are food...they get treated well, fed well, but when the time comes to do the deed, there is no attachment...just keeps it easier...so don't fret it, just treat her well and think of her as pork chops, bacon, ham, ham hocks, shoulder roast, ribs etc...LOL

  5. She'll warm up to you when she figures out you bring her yummy things to eat.

  6. ohhh..I am partial to her because she lost her mama..you know that whole "bambi" syndrome.
    And I do know a little something about pigs, and yes she will calm down.
    What is interesting about pigs, is that when a tame one is let loose in the wild, it is only a matter of hours before it turns feral.

  7. We have a little feral pig as well. She was completely insane when we 1st got her, but quickly calmed down. She's now very friendly and squeals for food whenever she knows someone is near.