Monday, March 18, 2013


I don't think I ever told you all this story. So here it is....
October 29, 2012 that white goat on the left, Wilma, wandered into my yard. At that moment we had the goats tied out in the back back yard so we could work on their pens. My goats were not liking this stranger at all, so we got them penned back up and Wilma just kinda hung out around the fence ALL day. 2am the following morning, I wake up suddenly scream to the hubs that something is wrong with the goats and here we go barrelling outside to find Wilma with her butt up against the fence and Bub screaming in tormented pain. Good Grief!!!
The next day Bub screamed and acted like a lunatic while Wilma tormented him through the fence. I stopped at the house where Wilma lives and talked to the super nice older woman who informed me, her daughter wouldn't be home until the evening so the goat would be staying in my yard until later. I posted this pic on FB and my other neighbor sent her husband over to fetch the goat and take her back to her house. I get back home from picking my little one up from school and the neighbor meets me in the driveway to tell me he got her back to her yard. I laughed because she was at my goat pen again!!!! We watched my tormented buck all day and finally by about 9 pm her owner came over and gave the okay to breed her. I wasn't too keen on this idea because I thought she was too small of a goat to be bred to a Nubian but hey, it's not my goat. Wilma is a 12 yr. old fainting goat. She has had one kid her whole life. I forget his name, it's a cute name too but anyway he's a wether and they live two houses down from me with a donkey and some chickens. You have never seen a goat more determined to get pregnant than this girl. Long story short she slept over. Bub was a little aggressive with her. I had never seen him act so rough, so by the morning Wilma was ready to go back home. I opened the pen and she left. She hasn't been back either. The other day we asked her owner if she was pregnant and she said no. I thought that's too bad because she really wanted to be. Well yesterday, Wilma's owner yelled to us that she is pregnant! She had given her a hug and felt the baby kick! I'm so happy! That old girl will get to have another baby. She is due the end of the month ☺


  1. What a great story! I hope the old girl has an easy delivery and beautiful babies!