Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quick Update

I don't think Wilma is in labor, yet! She was laying down and breathing heavy but thats about it. She's at day 150 of her pregnancy.  My neighbor is gonna call me and I'll call her when our does go into labor, we are both excited and maybe between the two of us being there everything will go okay :)

On the chicken front, I think we have four new chickies. One is another Little Squirty Jr. So not wanting to lose this one to a foot happy hen. It's in the house :)

I got all the chickens shuffled around. The teenage babes are in the chicken tractor I'm working on a little run for them so it will make cleaning easier. The babies are in the shop. I think they are still shocked at the new digs. And I have three new chicks in the house. I had taken one from the nest this morning it wasn't being covered up and was being stepped on and pecked. I'm not sure if it has anything wrong with it, but it looks fine to me. Then I brought another one in to keep it company. Then I discovered the little white one. So I might take the one I brought in for company back out to the hens. I really want them to figure this mommy thing out :)

I will let you know if anything REALLY exciting happens but until then ya'll enjoy your evening!


  1. Glad to hear you've got chicks again! Maybe the mamas will do better this time.

  2. Still waiting on goat babies....for both of us!

    Happy Easter.