Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thanks A Million!!!!!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank all you ladies for taking the time out of your busy day to answer my silly questions! I really appreciate every ounce of knowledge you all share! I have soo much going on and soo much I need to get done that I won't be posting for the next few days, unless of course the blessed event happens, then I will have to share the news ☺ As of right now, the hubs loves the piglet. I think it's a little wild and do not look forward to feeding it during the day :/ but it is cute! I have three broody hens sitting on eggs. This will be a first for me and I can't wait to watch the mamas care for the chicks ☺ We are building a big run for the chickens this week. Hopefully they will adjust to limited free ranging and it should keep them safer from coyotes and foxes. Lady seems to be in a happy place licking her big belly and just laying around sleeping. The anticipation is killing me so I'm going to busy myself around here. Maybe if I quit watching the pot it will boil ☺ Enjoy the weekend y'all!!!!


  1. Kelly I hope all goes well. I have to admit patience is best trait to use with goats in labor. I hold off as long as possible before interferring. I still jump the gun. Right after birth drafts are a no-no so try to keep kids and mama warm. If she has more than 1 don't be alarmed if she continues to lick and clean 1st one while appearing to ignore 2nd. Watch and she should start on 2nd after a few minutes. We place 2nd and 3rd kids nearer her if she doesn't kick in mother mode in a few minutes. Nursing within 20-30 min is normal and encouraged here even if we have to put kids on teat. Update as you can. Good luck.

  2. You are going to be just fine! Sometimes too much knowledge is an overload. What works for one may not work for another. We all can read the love you have for your animals so I know you are going to do what's best for them. I'll be watching to read about your big day (or night)!

  3. awww you got a baby pig? I think you should name it "Bacon" : ) or, it it meant to become bacon one day?
    I always thought if I ever had a pig I would actually name it "Barbie Q"

    We looked at baby chicks at Tractor made me want to buy a couple and try my hand at them. Just can't wait to have my own homestead so that I can.