Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baby Update

Last night I saw that one of the baby chicks looks almost identical to my deceased favorite chicken of all time Ms. Squirty. Today I find that same baby chick on the lower level of the coop chirping it's head off. Also found one baby chick had been abducted by another broody hen, she ended up getting her butt kicked. Not good! So I moved one mommy hen and all EIGHT babies to the chicken tractor which has a heat lamp in it. So far so good, the babies are running around everywhere and seem happy.

My neighbor who's goat Wilma had came for a visit in October stopped by to see if we had goat babies yet which we don't :(  Anyway she hugged Lady's belly and felt the baby kick. I'm not sure if she thinks Ms. Lay is going to kid soon but I do. That girl is miserable.

I have five more broody hens sitting on who knows how many eggs. I had collected almost 20 eggs from the nests and put them in the incubator. Lord willing I will have some baby chicks for sale soon ☺ So basically I stare at baby chicks and goats all day! Envy me LOL!!!


  1. LOL!

    How are your strawberry plants doing? We're getting ready to set up our strawberry towers as part of our aquaponics system...using strawberry plants we held over winter. The thought of using seed rather than plant starts really has me captivated.

    1. They are growing really slow. It seems like they won't be ready to plant for months. I was thinking about putting some seeds in my strawberry patch and seeing if they grow faster that way.

  2. Your little homestead is (or will be soon!) busting out all over! What fun to see all the new arrivals.

  3. Kelly,

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog, check here: