Thursday, June 5, 2014

Busy day......

I love the days when you go and go and go and then realize it's late and you need to go to bed. That's how yesterday was for me.

I finally painted a light fixture that has been sitting in the floor for A YEAR!!! Before bed the hubs hooked it up and it looks awesome! I paid $5 for it at a yard sale and $3 for some turquoise sample paint. So for $8 I have a one of a kind, vintage looking light ♥♥♥ it!

After painting, I sat down with my two dogs and cut their hair with scissors. It took me three hours to get them both done but it saves me $70 in groomer bills each time I do it myself :)

When the hubs got home from work we decide to butcher the rabbits that are way over due for butchering. With a couple breaks and both of us involved we got five rabbits in the fridge in two hours :)))) Seven more to go. I'm not breeding them again until the weather cools off. It's going to be a booger keeping my four big bunnies cool as it is.

I had thawed out rabbit for dinner. I didn't feel like eating with the smell of innards on my hands but the hubs ate. It smelled soo good and he said it was delicious and tasted better than chicken. I'm going to have a bbq bunny sandwich for lunch :)))))


  1. Kelly,

    Your light really looks nice, great find, and a fabulous job painting it!!!

    The heat is really starting to ramp up. Having to slaughter and clean your rabbits, then prepare dinner...............I wouldn't be able to eat rabbit or anything warm. It would have to be a cold dinner to get me through the evening. Last night was a nice cold salad for us here.
    I hear severe storms and rain are schedule for us the next several days, be careful with this upcoming weather.

  2. Yippee for getting those rabbits done. And a BBQ rabbit sandwich sounds sooooo good!
    Love the light fixture. I had an 80's gold tone fixture in the dining area that I just H.A.T.E.D., then I did the same as you, but used a different paint scheme and "shaded" the glass globes, now I LOVE it!

  3. Talk about a day of getting big projects done! Yep, those kind of days are so satisfying and more than make up for the days when you go-go-go all day long and can't see anything you've accomplished at the end of it. Can't say I envy you your heat, but I will be jealous of your sweet corn and watermelon and cantaloupe soon!

  4. Love the light!
    BBQ bunny sandwich makes me laugh!!
    My kiddos like bunny meat, which is good b/c my daughters bunny is due to have some babies soon...maybe I'll try some bbq bunny too!

  5. I have eaten wild rabbit that the guys shoot on the farm and I like it far better than chicken, of course these bunnies run like crazy so the meat may be more dark than your farm rabbits. I prefer dark chicken so I don't mind.
    You didn't have much trouble going to sleep after a day like that.

  6. Your lamp is awesome!!! Way to go for $8!!!

  7. I love the light fixture! We've tossed around the idea of raising meat rabbits vs. chickens. Time will tell. I have eaten it before, so I know it's good too.

  8. Hi Kelly, Your light fixture turned out wonderful. I love a good bargain re-do :) Great job!!!
    What a busy girl you are . . . I so enjoy reading your posts :)
    Have a happy weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)