Saturday, June 28, 2014


that didn't take long! This morning when I let the chickens out somebody was crowing! It's my kind-a ugly grey and orange olive egger hen. So much for waiting on her green eggs. I'm actually glad she's a boy. Mrs. Winnie, my only easter egger is one of my original hens and she is getting old. I hatched out two of her babies this Spring both were female both have orange legs instead of greeny grey so I'm guessing they will lay brown eggs. So now that Mr. hen is a boy I could actually get some real easter eggers out of Mrs. Winnie! Since he just now found his crow, it might be awhile before he figures out his man bits. I'm just happy to have a rooster again!

My not very good looking boy! That one tail feather had me wondering if she was a he for a few weeks now :)

A very young Mrs. Winnie! Love that girl


  1. It won't be long before the rooster begins struttin' his stuff! Good looking guy!

  2. That tail feather looks like a rooster for sure. The old wheel in the photo looks like it is off a 1935 Ford V8 car.

    1. I thought it was a hen until that feather grew. It only crowed the one time this morning. I think it's slow or something, lol!
      I think your right about the wheel :)

  3. Maybe you have chickens that have been modified like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Mixed with amphibians or something and once you removed all the Roosters this one was selected to make the sex change?

    Hey anything is possible at Kelly's place.

  4. Our barred rock rooster does not crow like a typical rooster. He sounds like he is gargling some times. So funny. I love roosters (when we get a nice one that is).

  5. Kelly,

    He's a nice looking Roo!!!

  6. How nice that you have a rooster again - even one with limited vocal skills. So far... :)

  7. Glad you enjoy your chickens! I find them fascinating myself and are fond of them. I love the crowing of a Rooster! Just to hear that every morning is music to my are blessed! Roxie

  8. Having read several of your posts today, I wonder if you had too many roosters per hen. I think one rooster per ten hens is right. You can google it to find the right answer. The roosters can actually kill the hens. Plus, egg laying suffers when a hen gets too much attention. She will be stressed and not lay as well. Can you imagine many suitors chasing you around all day?