Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stupid goat

My baby goat Darcy used to snuggle in my lap when I would milk her mamma. Now the little $!#%head likes to play ram the lady with the milk bucket. I no more walk in and the head butting starts. I usually try to wrestle her down with my leg but now I just milk with one hand and put a choke hold on her with the other. Yesterday she got the best of me and rammed my knee cap. It hurt all day. I'm thinking she's going to be tied up while I'm milking Mrs. Lady. She won't like it, but I'm sick of my legs being black and blue. Glad the little turd doesn't have horns :/


  1. Dang, but it's so hard when the little . . . um, dears (!) develop behaviors like that. She obviously doesn't know what a good home she has!

  2. Whack her on top of the head with a stick. A big stick. Every animal knows you don't mess with a Monkey who has a stick.

    1. +1 for the 2x4. You need to reassert yourself as the apex predator!

  3. Silly girl. Time to show her who's boss!