Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy/Sad Day

Today my little brother got to go home from the hospital. He had viral meningitis which he got from his kids daycare. He had a horrible headache, couldn't stand lights, and was completely miserable for about a week. We aren't very close, (because of something stupid that happened about seven years ago) but I love him and want him to be healthy and happy, so I'm glad he's better. I also have several broody hens sitting on eggs and today found a baby chick in a nest that three of the crazy broads were sitting in :/ I'm pretty sure my chicken total will double over the next few weeks. Don't get Cochin's unless you want babies. Lots and lots of babies they love to sit on eggs. Even the half breeds!

The baby chick is the happy part of my day. The sad part is one of my free range baby bunnies has apparently hurt it's back and is now dragging it's back legs. This makes me cry (again) just to type it :'( I held the little cutie and bawled my eyes out tonight. I can tell it's not going to live much longer. I'm not sure what happened to it but it's very sad :( Mrs. Ellie it's mamma is the best mamma bunny ever and she is so loving to the little thing.

On the garden front, I'm throwing in the towel on the squash. The bugs win yet again this year! I have spent hours hand picking the nasty little turds off the plants and they are still destroying it. I think aphids have gotten out of control on my cantaloupe plants. The lady bugs are all over it but the underside of the leaves are full of bugs. I really don't like using chemicals on my garden so this is going to take some research and lots of work to save them :/

This weekend my kids are headed to the panhandle to visit my sister, swim, and ride horses. They leave in the morning so I need to get them packed up. It will be a nice break but I will worry and miss them while they are gone. I need to finish up their laundry and guess what! I haven't done a ding dong dish today. Yeah, I hate dishes that bad, lol!!!!!!


  1. I am glad that your brother is coming home. I hope his continued recovery is uneventful. Congrats on the new chick, and I hope the bunny just has some spinal shock and recovers. I stopped free ranging bunnies because the larger birds do attack them and try to fly off with them. This can do spine damage sometimes. I have Japanese beetles everywhere !

    Love and best wishes to you.

  2. Glad your brother is coming home and recovering. Hope your bunny recovers too. I know it wasn't fun to see our meat chickens with broken legs either. I know what you mean about dishes. We have Japanese beetles here this year (oddly). I let my chickens out every day to gobble them up.

  3. So, beer and pizza tonight?

  4. I had that happen to a bunny (not free range) - he stamped his back feet so often and so hard, it dislocated his spine. I've never known anyone who free ranged bunnies that didn't have many losses - birds, cats, dogs, foxes, etc. Thanks for the warning about Cochins! I had been thinking about getting some. Will think again...

  5. Kelly,

    I'm happy to hear your brother is doing better, it's no fun to have viral meningitis good thing it was caught and he had medical help.

    Oh dear, if your bunny is dragging it's paws it's not good. This is what happened to my little dog Bug. She had a spinal injury no one could figure out how she got it. I came home from the grocery store and she was injured. (((((Kelly))))) it's hard sweetie because we get attached to our animals.