Friday, April 27, 2012

Thelma & Louise

These birds are so ugly they are cute! They are Belgiam D'Uccle bantams. I spastically got them when Squirty went broody. I thought I could give her babies and she would snap out of it. WRONG so now I have these little guys. I think one or both may be boys, so a name change may be in their future :/  These babies follow me around the yard and every few minutes they decide to fight, they are silly!

As for the rest of the birds. Squirty has gone broody once again. I have got to get her a man!!! Winnie is still super jumpy and nervous since the fox and won't lay eggs. My three reds I bought from the feed store all look like boys :/ So I got two pullets to add to my egg laying flock. Chicken count as of right now 17. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The hogs!

 Look at the size of those chickens! These are the freedom rangers, they are eight weeks old and huge! They take the "freedom ranging" to the extreme. Their new favorite place is the neighbors yard just beyond all of that greenery behind them and the front yard under the porch! Luckily the neighbors love having them in their yard, because these guys and girls love chasing bugs all day ☺

Friday, April 20, 2012


A lesson in taking it easy.........
Yesterday was a rush, rush, hurry day for me. So while I was trying to cover my strawberry plants with straw. I stepped into (quite aggressively and wearing flip flops) my nasty pitch fork :p Four puncture wounds to the side of my leg. I woke up this morning at 4 am in pain and freaked the hubs out enough that he missed work (which never happens). Today I got a tetanus shot and fed all my critters and thats about it. What did I learn....... Slow down, chill out, and get it done at your own pace because when mama's hurt a whole lot a nothin' gets done around here!

Monday, April 16, 2012


After carefully planting my tomatoe plants and wrapping the base with aluminum foil (like grandpa said to do). I still came out to see one of my plants bent over from a cutworm :( I guess I didn't put the foil high enough out of the soil. The plant didn't die so I have layed it over put more foil on it, mounded it up with dirt and am hoping it will take root. I have put more foil around all my plants so they have ample amount of protection from those little buggers!  Looking forward to some homegrown heirloom tomatoes YUM!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Welcome and Thank You !

I just want to say thanks to my followers! It's so exciting to get new ones! I appreciate your interest and I hope I don't bore you to unfollow! So welcome mom, Jeanette, Michelle, Sweetland Farm, Rick, Evano, and Jenna!

Bunnies ☺

Today I finally moved Bun Bun and Lolly outside to their new hutch. Bun Bun was my first critter to get for my "farm". I have had Buns for a year, I got him as a pet for my youngest daughter and I use his poo for my garden. He has lived indoors in a three story condo. This Christmas I got Lolly. We reworked his condo so she could have the top floor. She didn't move in until she was about two months old and thats when my potty trained boy started peeing everywhere! It's been about three months now and their condo was pretty rank! Today was bitter sweet moving them outside. My house already feels a trillion times cleaner but on the down side I know my bunny babies aren't too thrilled with their new digs :( I am going to build them a bun run maybe when it's done they will start liking the great outdoors!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lucky Me!

This weekend a couple came over to buy car parts off my husband. I showed the lady around and introduced her to all of my chickens. When I said those are our meat birds she said "OH" like eewww , how sad. When they left I wondered if she has eaten chicken this week. It boggles my mind to think so many people are clueless as to where their food comes from. I think everyone should see the conditions of the birds used for their perfectly packaged chicken and eggs from the store. I bet my chickens would look alot tastier! So today I feel very lucky to clean up chicken poop and care for my flock,  knowing that my family will have wholesome food!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pictures ☺

Meat birds free ranging, big garden in the background before adding topsoil and tilling again

my new babies
rabbit hutch almost done
meaties again free ranging

some of my raised beds with garlic, onions, carrots, lettuce, and tomatoes planted

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

♥ dirty nails

We are supposed to have thunderstorms at some point today, so this morning I went to work planting my tomatoes, de-weeding my plants, and watering my fruit trees and veggies just in case the weatherman is wrong. This kind of busy work I love. My body is already a tiny bit wore out and it's only 11am :) I got to check off some of my to do list in my brain but the rest of the time I was thinking about the super nice lady at my library. We always have so much to talk about and we're both generally excited about what we are doing. I don't know her name but we have alot in common. We read the same books and blogs. And both are striving for the same dream farm :) I am getting excited to go to the homesteading gathering at the library. I can't wait to meet more people with the same interests and hopefully learn about things I haven't tried yet! 

Tis' the season!

Heres what I have been up to......

Digging a new big garden bed :)
Killed my tomatoe seed starts :(
Bought new heirloom tomatoe plants tonight :)
Only one of my hens is laying :(
Meat birds have been moved to the chicken tractor outside :)
Listening to the Hunger Games book on playaway while doing chores :)
Got three new baby chicks :)
Building an outdoor hutch for my stinky rabbits :)
I ordered a couple Foxfire books (new favorite read) :)
Still haven't caught the fox :(
Spending my afternoons outside watching my 15 chickens while practicing my dulcimer :)
Foraged for dandelions and bonded with MIL :)
Wanted to make wine in a "stone crock" like the old timers, so threw out the weeds :(
MIL brought me a 2 gallon stone crock, so wine making is back on the horizon :)
Was invited to a homesteading gathering at my library :)
Am really sunburned from nine hours of digging up my new garden  :(
Lettuce, carrots, onions, and potatoes are growing right now :)
Pea shoots, radishes, more carrots and more lettuce are sprouting :)

I think that's it! This time of year is so busy! Hope everyone is getting there gardens ready and enjoying spring and all of it's beauty!