Thursday, June 20, 2013

Damn tick!!!!!

I can't quit clawing at my leg! It attached its nasty self in the crease on the back of my leg. I'm pretty sure it was riding a vein. This is an itch that can't be scratched away, uggghhhhhh!!!!!!

Also saw a tarantula this morning. Summer is definitely here. Have a great day ya'll and stay out of tall grass!!!!!!

Photo: Creepy crawler

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I'm so excited for this harvest (this is only some of it)! These taters are going to be yummy and free up a huge raised bed. Hmmmm, what to plant there now.........

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Four more!!!!

These four babies hatched yesterday!
I could sit and watch them all day. Cute, little, tiny, fluffy butts ☺

Off topic but I guess I jinxed BB by posting a picture of him. He's been hanging around our yard for months and since the day I posted the pic we haven't seen him at all. Maybe he choked on my sunflowers :/

Thursday, June 6, 2013


This is BB. It's a wild rabbit that has been hanging around for months. I used to like this rabbit, but today it has murdered my sunflowers :( 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Raw Milk

Now that we have milk from our goat and we are consuming it raw. I have questions. Do my fellow goat milkers drink their milk raw or do you pasteurize it? When I look on the internet the main opposition to the public drinking raw milk is the CDC, FDA, basically the government. Which I don't think they are all that concerned about the populations health so much as making money. My only concern with drinking milk raw is my little one. She had a very low immune system for most of her life and is finally healthy so I don't want to make her sick again by unintentionally giving her something "bad". She is also lactose intolerant, is borderline asthmatic and loves milk. She had cereal yesterday and then a glass of milk with graham crackers and hasn't gotten boogery or complained about stomach issues yet so as of right now I'd say so far so good on the raw business. But I'm still curious how do you drink your milk?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'm still here......

just extremely busy!
You would think the end of school would mean some down time for me. Nope! My girls have had me running since their last day and when you add their plans with everything I need/have/want to do I am BUSY!!!!

My strawberry patch has been producing like crazy this year! I've had to share my harvest with rolly polly's. I remember when I would have to turn over rocks to find those guys and now they are everywhere :p

My goat and I are in a good milking routine. I get a quart in the mornings and a pint in the evenings. We have started using her milk instead of store bought. So far soo good :) I'm going to try making some ice cream with it soon. My baby goat is still nameless. I call him Sonny so that might stick. He's loves to sit in my lap when I milk his mom. He's such a cuddler ♥

My chickens have been penned up for over a month and I love it. We haven't had any losses and the poo is contained into one area. They have ate every last blade of grass so it's a dirt pen now. I noticed the egg yolk color is not as orange so I started throwing them grass/weed clippings. I will let them free range again this fall when the neighbors done gardening. I have six broody's right now and that's making it rough on my other hens. It's time to get rid of some roosters that's another down side of penning up chickens the hens can't get away from the roo's as easily.

My garden is looking pretty good even after being flooded by all this rain. We got so much rain on Thursday that our woods flooded. We had a nice little river running through and it made about a three foot pond deep in the woods. My little one put on her suit and swam until dark! It was really funny to watch! We are filling up our pool today so their won't be anymore hillbilly waterin' holes for awhile ☺

I sold my mama, daddy, and baby rabbit with the hutch a few weeks ago. I miss them but they were pets and I need animals that we can eat if they don't sell. I still have Ellie my first bun to be born here. I don't know what I'm going to do with her yet. If we get rabbits again they will be meat rabbits.

I finally got some overalls! I found them at the Salvation Army store. Two pair of vintage corduroy overalls for $2.50 a pair and one pair had a dollar in the pocket! So I got both pair for 4 bucks!!!!

Life is just chugging along and I'm enjoying every second of it.
Have a great Sunday ya'll