Friday, May 16, 2014

Pretty butterfly.....

About a month ago, I told my little one that the grasshoppers were eating my cauliflower and broccoli plants. Around the same time I saw a pretty white butterfly hanging around the raised beds. Me a lover of the butterfly was happy to see it. It took about three weeks to realize that there was no flowers for that "butterfly" and it really liked the cauliflower. Oh crap I think it's a cabbage moth!!!! I looked in my garden book and guess what, it was.
I went outside and picked off tons of larvae, worms, and squished eggs. This is what I got the second time I checked the plants. I need a butterfly net to catch this girl. This is the second time I've tried to grow cauliflower but the first time to have moths. So beware sometimes the pretty butterfly is a plant eater!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Been busy!!!!

I've been pretty busy lately. Softball is over (thank goodness) and now it's the last weeks of school which is always crazy!!!! A lot has been going on around here but one project I wanted to share today is my home made bee suit! I'm super excited to get started on this. I got an XL mans button down shirt at Goodwill for five bucks. My plan is to cut out the button parts, hem it and put a really long zipper there instead. The collar that folds down will stick up with a Velcro fastner to keep it closed up around my neck and I will cut the cuffs off the sleeves, hem them and put a Velcro closure on them to keep the bees out :) The pants also bought at Goodwill for five bucks are scrubs with lots of pockets. They are size Large so they are loose on me. The ankles have elastic it's a little loose since I have toothpick legs but I think with my boots on a bee would be hard pressed to make it's way in there. I'm not going to do anything to the pants except sew them to the shirt. So for ten bucks, a zipper, and some Velcro I'm going to have a homemade bee suit :)))))))) No luck on capturing a swarm yet. I might have to beg a bee keeper for some if I want them this year :)