Wednesday, April 23, 2014

♥ Baby girl ♥

She's always moving when I try to take a pic or mamma is photo bombing so this is what I got so far :) She's so cute!!!!!
Carolyn said I worry too much and I do. I sat outside with Lady ALL DAY and night. I talked to Lady and petted her head and back through contractions. The moment I was about to give up and go in to sleep her water broke and by the time I looked back there the baby was half way out. I caught it and helped mamma clean it up and waited for the other baby. There wasn't another baby which is shocking!!! My girl was HUGE this time. I also thought it was a boy. She had poo all over her butt and I could hardly see but I thought it's a boy and I was just happy it was here and all was well. Once Lady got her rear cleaned up and I took another look I realized it's a girl and started bawling. The hubs laughed and said I'm a very emotional woman, lol! I'm just glad I won't have to sell this baby and my herd has finally grown :)
I'm physically and emotionally exhausted but extremely happy and in love with this nugget ♥
Have a great day ya'll!

It's a girl!!!!!

I'm going to bed! I will post pictures tomorrow :)))))))

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's started!!!!!

Miss Lady bagged up yesterday and this morning had a little discharge. If it's anything like last year, we should have kids some time tonight :)))))))))

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fodder results

I know this post is late.......I've been busy. Anyway the results of the fodder were pretty good. After about 8 days. I fed it to the animals. The chickens loved it the most. The goats not at all and the bunnies kinda liked it. I've decided since it's finally Spring and mowing/weeding season that I will only grow fodder in the Winter. I will give the chickens grass from mowing and weeds from the garden. It will be a lot easier and less time consuming since we have to do those chores anyway and we all know how busy this season is. So less time on one thing means more time for gardening :)

We butchered four of our roosters. My hens are still bald and missing feathers on their backs. I have four roosters left. I'm contemplating getting rid of all of them since I have several young cockerel babies. I might keep one rooster, I would miss the crowing :)

We finally butchered our first rabbits. They were 13 weeks old. I don't think I will wait that long again. The feed bill was getting up there. It was very emotional for me. I'm pretty sure the hubs didn't know what to do or say when I'm asking him to dispatch a bun and bawling the whole time. The second one was a little less emotional. I'm hoping with time that it will get easier. I'm learning to tan the hides. The first one was an utter disaster and now looks like holey road kill. I found a better way to do the second one. I'm hoping it's a success. I want to make a purse, it's weird I know but I love making purses that no one else could ever have :)

My goat Mrs. Lady is due in one week. Starting Friday I will be doing middle of the night checks just in case she goes a little early. This year having a due date was such a relief. My anxiety last year was unreal plus I didn't know what to expect when your goat is expecting so every little burp, fart, or stretch was labor, lol!

I've been harvesting asparagus like crazy. Love that stuff but hate the way it makes my pee smell. My strawberry patch has beautiful blossoms all in it. Now that (fingers crossed) our last freeze has passed I'm going to get to work on the big garden :)

I've been gathering dandelions to make some wine. I've wanted to make this wine for a couple of years and I'm finally going to do it :) I still have wonderberries frozen from last years harvest to make a red wine. The berries were nutty so I bet with a little age that will be tasty.

I went to a bee club dinner last week (I keep crashing these events, lol) and they said I should get my traps up ASAP so I did. So far the wasps like them :/ My lemon balm is the only herb to survive the Winter and is back in full force so I'm going to put a couple leaves inside of the traps today. While gathering dandelions I was surrounded by bees. I tried to tell them to check my traps out but they didn't listen, lol. Monday I missed the bee club meeting. I really need to go next month. It seems the more I show up to these events the more willing the people are to give me some bee's :)

The little one is doing great playing softball. I had no idea how much time a sport takes up. It makes life a little crazy!

Have a great week ya'll!