Saturday, July 18, 2015

Letting go

I started this post yesterday. It was originally titled Dread. I was selling my oldest baby goats and was a little anxious and unsure how I would feel handing my babies over to a complete stranger hence the title Dread so I decided not to post because it was a bunch of anxious mumbo jumbo anyway..........
Well, Kenny showed up at 6 as planned. I was pleased to find out he was a like minded person. He also has 20 acres of land which is amazing. 2 acres fenced for the goats. He rescued another goat from being eaten which is a plus. Anyways we talked FOREVER about homesteading goals, land, the town he lives in and then it came time to say goodbye. I told them both bye went in the house fought off tears, came back out and Kenny was still here. Finally I held Lady while the hubs grabs the babes and snotfest commenced. I was a blubbering bawling idiot! Poor Kenny said he was so sorry and felt terrible since I couldn't quit crying. Several times throughout the evening I would picture my little boyfriends (that's what I named the boy goat) face and the water works would happen. I don't know if me being a middle aged female has anything to do with my extreme attachment to my babies. I don't know if everyone that raises critters gets as attached to them as I do. I don't know why I mourn them leaving. The only thing I do know is today, I'm okay, I still miss their sweet faces but I got a gallon of milk from their ma so it's time to make some cheese :))))))

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hey Y'all

Some of my sweet blog buddies were concerned if I was okay, well I am :)))) I've been busy trying to stay afloat with all the rain/flooding we have had. I have been mucking wheel barrows of mud just to get my animals areas dry and sanitary and then it would rain AGAIN. I'm hoping we stay dry for awhile. Today I need to muck the barn. Last time I posted I had three goats well this year both my girls had twins! So I have SEVEN goats total right now. My oldest buckling is for sale and has recently become a maniac. If he doesn't sell soon I think I'm going to add goat to my diet :)) I love that little booger to death but he's gone NUTS!!!! I haven't saved any milk yet this year. With all the new additions and the rain it's been a three ring muddy circus. I'm hoping to get into a better routine once the babies are gone. 
I've found a bounty of wild plums at my in laws. I made jelly and saved some seeds. I hope to have my own little thicket here soon. I also found a bee tree on their place. I haven't had any luck trapping those bees yet. The first swarm was so huge my father in law said my box wouldn't have held it. I'm going to try a persuade them to let me put my hive on their property and bait it. Eventually it would be awesome to have my apiary at their place. Its a bee paradise and it's just a 45 minute drive
My chickens have destroyed my strawberry patch again. I got ZERO berries this year. My garden was a bust because of the rain. I have been cleaning it up and getting ready to plant a Fall garden. I hope it's bountiful. 
Here's my babies Lady had a boy and a girl April 21st And Darcy had two boys June 20th