Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The reason I didn't post the last two days of June is because.......

My computer has been hijacked by children. The girls got back from my sisters and have been LAZY watching movies/tv series on their devices and on my computer!!!!! I got rid of Netflix for the Summer so they wouldn't do this. I guess they have another source, grrrr!
My weekend without the children was uneventful for the most part. I guess I went on a vacation myself and became a slug.
The little bunny that hurt it's back is still alive. I wash it's hind end every day make sure it has water to drink and take it to the yard to nibble on grass. Friday I noticed it's sibling was falling down and it's legs weren't working that well. I researched poisonous plants for bunnies and found that I have several in my garden. I think they are either poisoned or they hurt their backs coming out of the chicken pen. The fencing is 2" x 4" rectangles. These bunnies were born in the pen but after a few weeks started venturing outside of it into the yard. The two that are hurt, stayed close to mamma but they played in the yard and my garden most of the day. One of the buns stays out back by the barn and rarely comes into the pen. It seems to be doing fine. Baby chicks are always on the other side of the pen free ranging until they get to big to fit through the slots. I loved watching the bunnies run all over the yard, even if they did eat up most of my green beans. I really don't know what happened to the little guy, but it's very sad to see it now :(
Saturday I made stir fry with vegetables from the garden. Did you know you can stir fry cucumbers? They are pretty good and taste like pickles!
I need to make some cowboy candy, weed the garden, sell some bunnies, clean cages, clean my pool, muck the barn, the list could go on and on so I need to get to work and get this published before the kids get up and take over the computer again!!!